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There is nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a woman being unapologetically herself; comfortable in her perfect imperfection. To me, that is the true essence of beauty.

------Steve Maraboli

Brigitte Experience

(Currency is in USD)


1hr -------------------- $700

A little bit Brigitte for your day


1.5 hrs ---------------- $1000

Your dream rendezvous


2 hrs ------------------ $1400

Signature session


3hrs ------------------- $2000

Escape with me


4hrs ------------------- $2600

Dinner and play make the perfect day


6hrs ------------------- $3000

The  pure tension


14hrs ----------------- $4500

Romantic night over with least 6 hrs sleep


24hrs ----------------- $7000

An entire day escape


48hrs ----------------- $10000

A very Brigitte weekend


72hrs ----------------- $13000

Escape with me

VIP Experience

(Currency is in USD)


1hr -------------------- $1000

Short term fantasy


1.5 hrs ---------------- $1400

Spicy rendezvous


2 hrs ------------------ $1700

Signature session


3hrs ------------------- $2400

Pure tension


4hrs ------------------- $2400 (dinner date)

2hrs dinner 2hrs play


4hrs ------------------- $3000

Wild fantasies behind the closed door


If you are in the US, please send request to my EMAIL with the following details


- Your name

- Your age

- Your ethnicity (I don't discriminate)

- City / Date / Time / Duration

- Your employment evidence (Website or LinkedIn link and professional email)


- Reference from up to 2 upscale independent companions OR professional email verification.


*I may require a further check depends on circumstance.


30% deposit is required, the deposit is not refundable. Cancellation of 72 hrs before the scheduled date will entitle you to use the deposit towards future rescheduling. The deposit will be kept as cancellation fee if you cancel within 72 hrs of our date. 

 To require VIP experience, please email me for details.



Whatsapp: +852 5604 3617

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